Beside Hummus, the most common Mezze dish any one will know and love is Mutabal. Every table in an Arabic restaurant all over the world serves Mutabal as a side dish or table dip. The main essence of this dish is char grilled aubergine. This gives Mutabal its characteristic – the smokey flavour. One of the main ingredient used is yoghurt along with tahini sauce, garlic and lemon juice.

I serve it with grilled meat and/or chicken. It is also a great spread on toasted or fresh Arabic bread, crusty flatbread or crackers.


  • Brinjal/ Aubergine/egg plants  01 kg
  • Tahini  25 gm
  • Salt 5 gm
  • Lemon salt 1 gm
  • Labneh 20 gm


  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Olive oiL


  • Rinse eggplants and heat the grilling pan or if you have OTG oven then heat the oven to 240 C or place the whole eggplants directly on open flame and cook it till it is charred on the outside and soft on the inside. Turn around every few minutes so it is charred all over. This method gives the dish its smoky characteristic. No other way of cooking can give the exact flavor.
  • You can also grill the eggplants on each side until they are burnt and have a black crust or you can oven roast the eggplants.
  • Do not rest the eggplants but straight away peel the them cleaning off the black crust.
  • Put them on a strainer and let them drain for at least half an hour.
  • Chop the eggplants using a hand mixer or chopper. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth.
  • Serve with pomegranate seeds and olive oil on top.

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