Street food can tickle your taste buds and you can splurge your pocket money on them’ says few college goers. Many of us think that good and tasty food  can only be eaten sitting in posh restaurants. That’s a myth..trust me on this.

If you have never looked this and that side of the road where street food eateries take up half the footpath and lined up on benches and plastic chairs are the crazy people who would not blink their till the food is served to them and the expression on their faces when the first morsel goes inside the mouth ; then you have missed quite  a lot in life. Street food vendors offer  a variety of dishes to choose from ; local phuchkas, chaat, momos, sweet and savory items, bakeries, or shacks selling Chinese food, there’s nothing not to be loved. Moghlai Parathas, Fish chops, Fish fingers, you name it and it’s there. The honest-to-God, awesome union of chanachur, lemon juice and onion, is the Kolkata Street Food to have when you’re at Princep Ghat and it’s known  by the name of Ghoti Gorom. Oops ..that’s my city where I grew up. Every nook and corner of the city has some kind of connection with food. Have you heard of Telebhaja ! Telebhaja is deep fried snacks and you can find everything from brinjal fries to fried fish, egg chops to mutton chops and the most talked about eatery selling these items is in College Street .Talking about food how can New Market be missed. Both the vegetarian and non vegetarian street food here is awesome.  The phuchka and chat are drool-worthy, desi Chinese food like Chopsuey and Schezuan chicken can make you fall in love with them. Try the lassi, the ice-cream softy that costs Rs. 7  the south Indian fare and the various kinds of milkshakes and juices. New Market is a must- visit  place in Kolkata.
Ever tried Rolls made by road-side eateries! If not , don’t waste any more time and run to the nearest one and grab it. Try hot kathi rolls too. If you want to have one of the best of it’s kind then Zaika  in Park Street is your calling.

The art of making the dough and then folding the dough with dalda and flour layer and then shallow frying till flaky is worth watching as you stand by the side gazing around.

And watch them how they finish the most waited egg roll with dash of mustard and lime juice.

And then when the final egg roll comes to your mouth, the first bite… mmmmmm… it fills our soul !

When our mind is satiated with egg roll, we started inventing other luxurious variations. There are various luxurious variations like Mutton egg or Chicken egg rolls are also quite popular nowadays.

Click here for Chicken Egg Roll recipe.

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