When we want to make some chicken recipe as starter, kebab house chicken recipe win the game by miles. In any kebab menu the king kebab is chicken kebab. Chicken tangdi kebab recipe wins over all other chicken kebab as it is succulent and mild spiced which is suitable for all palate.


  • Chicken leg (without skin) 500gms
  • Fresh cream 50gms
  • Garlic 15gms
  • Ginger 15 gms
  • Yoghurt 50gms
  • Nutmeg 05 gms
  • Turmeric powder 05 gms
  • Cardamom powder 05 gms
  • Chat masala 05 gms
  • Mozerella cheese 50 gms
  • Black salt 03 gms
  • Salt 03 gms
  • Oil 50 ml
  • Lemon juice: ½ lemons
  • Hung curd 100 gms



  • Marinate chicken legs with black salt, salt and lemon juice. Rest the chicken for 15 minutes
  • Add little turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, fresh cream, chat masala, other spices and cheese
  • Mix the marinated chicken with hung curd very well and keep inside the chiller for six hours
  • Skewer the chicken legs in kebab stick and cook in clay oven or grill-oven
  • Take it out from the oven every 5 minutes and coat with oil and again put it back in the oven.
  • In 15-25 minutes the chicken tangdi kebabs will be ready.
  • Serve it hot with laccha onions and mint chutney


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